You – yourself are the expert of your own well-being. You are the one who knows your body and soul best. And we all have a responsibility regarding our own health and wellbeing.

When you feel that something is wrong with your body…that is when you feel ill. What do you do? What about the flu, almost everybody get flue at one time or another or perhaps I’m wrong in assuming that. Anyway, are you like me that when the doctor say something you need to google it to find out what he/she is talking about and if you get a new medicine you find the information on the internet, for and against, side affect and so on.

But how does alternative therapy comes in to this.  Do you check and see what alternative therapy can do for you first or after you’ve spoken to your doctor? You need to be careful though as you need to know what you are doing with alternative treatment. Of course the best thing is to go to those who have learned and study alternative things after you go to the doctor, but you should tell the doctor if you are planning to seek after alternative advice.

Please do not misunderstand me. We should always listen to the doctor and do not necessarily deny traditional treatment, but you can always use alternative treatment with traditional treatment.  Be careful thou, you should always tell your doctor what you are planning to do, specially if you are taking medicine. Many alternative treatments can affect the treatment you get from your doctors. In most cases alternative treatments works well with traditional treatments. Please remember it is always you and you alone who are responsible for your own health.

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