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Alternative therapies.

Alternative therapy is perhaps one thing that people most disagree about. Some are in to it and some are not. Some know a bit and pieces about alternative therapy, some know a lot, some are curious and there are others who do not believe in it and say that if something is wrong you should consult a doctor not someone who has no medical degree. My view is that everybody, alternative and conventional therapy needs to work together on making a person hole again.

If we look at therapy then we see that there are many different therapies available in our world. Most often we categorize therapies into conventional therapy, alternative therapy and complementary therapy, but what is the differences between those?

Conventional therapy is the traditional treatment one gets when we go to the doctor. Often they threat the illness, but do not always see the body as a whole. Therefore the cause of the illness is left out and not treated.

Alternative therapy is generally used instead of conventional medical treatment

Complementary therapy means you can use it alongside your conventional medical treatment