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Does colors affect us ?

Have you ever decided what clothes to wear in the morning. And when the morning comes you can’t stand being in those colors, you need a different outfit. Why is it that some days you feel the need to dress in red or green clothes and other days you choose to wear black. When you choose colors for your walls, why do you choose exactly those colors.

Most of us are not very conscious regarding our choices. But if you think about it, it makes sense.

For example many years ago I started a new work doing things I had never done before. In those days my favorite color was yellow. The reason is that yellow helps us to learn new things, but also when we are teaching it affects the students as well.

It has been said that your favorite color reveals your character and I believe it does. Have you notice a person who chooses to wear all read. Is that because the person need the energy or is it because the person is so angry ?

So the next question is then what does the colors mean. Here below I’ll post the meaning of some of those colors.